There is a total of 2.7M customers with a volume of 45.4 billion TRY used Consumer Loans and Housing Loans in the first quarter of 2019. Technological developments and AI are big game changers for banking companies as customers begin to prefer digital experiences and fast solutions. The banks that can keep up with digitalization and customer needs will survive and profit. SnA works with commercial and participation banks on Credit Scoring, IFRS processes, and CRM subjects.


Underwriting Decision Flows

Developing end-to-end processes starting by the assessment of existing decision support systems

Income Estimation

Validation-ready models for assigning income level for individual banking customers to help manage credit lines

Credit Risk Scoring

Supporting banks on where to stand between risk and gain by mashing regulative context with data mining implementations to design scorecards

Auto-limit Process Design

Providing consistent, satisfying customer experience by automated process decisions

Behavioral Scoring

Maximizing value from banks’ internal data to optimize credit processes

Expected Credit Loss (ECL) Calculations

Implementing statistical approaches to assign expected losses instead of incurred ones

Credit Risk Analytics

Developing and validating credit risk decision trees to enforce systematic credit line assignments

CRM Analytics

Mashing business domain knowledge with intensive data mining implementations to produce customer level predictions for incremental revenue generation

Collection Scorecards

Optimizing collection processes to differentiate actions for different customer groups

IFRS9 Processes

Supporting banks to effectively complete regulative requirements